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Create a Quick Note
Create a Quick Note
Even if OneNote is not open, you can create a Quick Note to quickly jot down information. You can
think of Quick Notes as electronic, yellow sticky notes. You can position Quick Notes anywhere
on your screen and leave them there for as long as you need to refer to them. When you no longer
need a particular Quick Note, you can close its window. As soon as you create a Quick Note, OneNote
saves it to your OneNote notebook, so you can view it again from OneNote. You can also search and
organize Quick Notes the same way you search and organize regular notes.
Create a Quick Note
1 Press + to display the
OneNote Clipping Tool window.
2 Press or click New Quick Note .
A A Quick Note window appears.
3 Type your note.
Note: To format note text, select it and
use the commands on the Mini toolbar.
4 Click to close the note.
You can click in the OneNote
Clipping Tool window to hide it.
5 Launch OneNote.
6 Click .
7 Click Quick Notes .
B Your Quick Notes section appears.
C OneNote displays the most recent
Quick Note you created.
D You can click here to review other
Quick Notes.
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