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Chapter 23: Organizing and Sharing Notes
Create a New Notebook
You can create as many notebooks as you want. For example, you might create a notebook to hold
notes for a trip you are planning or a notebook to hold information relating to a home project.
New notebooks contain one section and one page by default; you can add more sections and pages
as needed. See “Create a New Section” and “Create a New Page” for details.
When you create a new notebook, you specify where the notebook should be stored — on the web,
on a network, or on your computer.
Create a New Notebook
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click New .
3 Choose a place to store the
In this example, OneNote saves
the notebook to the computer’s
hard drive.
4 Type a name for the notebook.
A To save the notebook somewhere
other than the default folder, click
Create in a different folder and
select the folder in which to save
the notebook.
5 Click Create Notebook .
B OneNote creates a new notebook.
C The new notebook contains one
D The section contains one page.
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