Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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E-Mail a File
Working with Files
Office launches an Outlook New
Message window.
B The name of your file appears in
the New Message window’s
Subject line.
C The file is attached to the
5 Type the message recipient’s
e-mail address in the To field.
6 Type your text in the body of the
7 Click Send .
Office places the message in your
e-mail program’s outbox.
What if my recipient does not have the necessary software to open the file?
You can send the file in PDF or XPS format, which maintains the appearance of your file, but the file cannot
easily be changed — meaning your recipient cannot edit the file. Alternatively, you can suggest that the
recipient download an Office program viewer from; a viewer can, for example,
help an Office 2007 user open an Office 2013 file. Finally, you can suggest that the recipient use the
appropriate Office Web App, available in SkyDrive; see Chapter 4.
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