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Search for Recent Edits
Search for Recent Edits
You can search for recent changes that you have made in OneNote. Suppose that you made a
change to your notebook that you want to view, but you cannot remember exactly where in your
notebook you made the change. You can search the current notebook, section, section group, or all
notebooks. You can search for any change you might have made today, since yesterday, within the
last seven, 14, or 30 days, within the last three months, or within the last six months. Or, you can
search for changes made to all pages sorted by date.
Search for Recent Edits
1 Click the History tab.
2 Click Recent Edits .
3 Click a timeframe.
A OneNote opens the Search
Results pane and displays
pages in the current
notebook that you have
edited in the timeframe you
selected in Step .
You can click any page in the
list to view that page; edits
appear highlighted in yellow.
B You can click to change
the elements OneNote
C You can click to control
the order in which the search
results appear.
4 Click to close the Search
Results pane.
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