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Select Data
Select Data
You can select data in your file to perform different tasks, such as deleting it, changing its font
or alignment, applying a border around it, or copying and pasting it. Selected data appears
Depending on the program you are using, Office offers several different techniques for selecting data.
For example, in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher, you can select a single character, a word,
a sentence, a paragraph, or all the data in the file. In Excel and Access tables, you typically select
cells. In One Note, use the technique appropriate to the type of data you want to select.
Select Data
Select Data in Word,
PowerPoint, or Publisher
Note: You can use this technique
to select characters, words,
sentences, and paragraphs.
1 Click to one side of the word
or character that you want to
2 Drag the mouse pointer
across the text that you want
to select.
A The program highlights the
characters to indicate that
they are selected.
To cancel a selection, click
anywhere outside the text or
press any arrow key on your
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