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Cut, Copy, and Paste Data
Cut, Copy, and Paste Data
You can use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands to move or copy data. For example, you might
cut or copy text or a picture from a Word document and paste it elsewhere in the same Word
document, in another Word document, or in a PowerPoint slide or a Publisher file.
When you cut data, it is removed from its original location; when you copy data, the selected data
is duplicated, leaving it in its original location. You can move or copy data using two methods:
drag-and-drop or buttons on the Ribbon. This section uses Word to drag-and-drop, and Excel to
demonstrate Ribbon buttons.
Cut, Copy, and Paste Data
Cut or Copy in Word, PowerPoint,
Publisher, or Outlook
1 Select the data that you want to cut
or copy. This example cuts text.
2 Click and drag the data to a new
A As you drag,
changes to .
To copy the data, you can press
and hold as you drag, and
changes to .
B A bold insertion point marks where
the text will appear as you drag.
3 Release the mouse to drop
the data in place.
C The data appears in the new
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