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Cut, Copy, and Paste Data
Working with Files
Cut or Copy in Excel or Access
1 Select the cell(s) that you want to cut
or copy. This example copies a formula.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Cut button (
) to move data
or the Copy button (
) to copy data.
Note: You can also press
to cut
data or
to copy data.
The outline around the selected cell(s)
changes to an animated dashed box
and the data is stored in the Office
4 Select the cells where you want
the cut or copied data to appear.
Note: You can also open another file
into which you can paste the data.
5 On the Home tab, click the Paste
button. Alternatively, to preview
how the text will look before you
paste it, click the down arrow
below the Paste button and
position your mouse pointer over
each button that appears.
Note: You can also press
paste data.
D The data appears in the new
When I paste cut or copied data, an icon appears.
What is it?
This is the Paste Options button ( ). You can use it
to view Paste-formatting choices; the options that
appear depend on the program you are using and the
location where you want to paste. You can click one of
these options or ignore
Can I cut or copy multiple selections?
Yes, you can, using the Office Clipboard, which
holds up to 24 items that you can paste in any
order you choose. To display the Office
Clipboard, click the dialog box launcher ( ) in
the Clipboard group on the Ribbon’s Home tab.
Then select and cut or copy.
; eventually, it disappears.
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