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Arrange Windows
Arrange Windows
You can simultaneously view multiple files. For example, you might view two versions of a Word
document side by side to compare their contents or view two Excel workbooks to compare data. If
the files you want to compare are particularly long, you can enable the Synchronous Scrolling option
to scroll both files at the same time.
In addition to viewing multiple files simultaneously, you can split the window of one long file into
scrollable panes to view different portions of it. For example, you might split a document to compare
how portions of it are formatted.
Arrange Windows
View Multiple Files
1 Open two or more files.
2 Click the View tab.
3 Click the View Side by Side
A Both files appear on-screen
side by side.
B To scroll both files at the
same time, click the Window
button and then click the
Synchronous Scrolling
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