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Insert an Online Picture
Insert an Online Picture
In addition to pictures stored on your computer’s hard drive, you can add interest to your Office
files by inserting a picture or clip art image from an online source into a Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Publisher, Outlook, or OneNote document. Be careful when choosing online pictures and make sure
that they fall into the public domain or that you have written permission to use the picture.
The pictures and clip art found at are all public domain art and you can freely use any of
these images. None of the Office 2013 applications come with any preinstalled clip art as previous
versions did.
Insert an Online Picture
Note: If you are working in Word or Excel,
switch to Print Layout view.
1 Click in your document where you
want to add a picture.
Note: You can move the graphic to a
different location after you insert it. See
the next section, “Resize and Move Graphic
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Online Pictures .
Note: In some Office programs, Online
Pictures does not appear directly on the
Insert tab. In this case, click Illustrations .
The Insert Pictures window appears.
4 Click here and type a description of
the kind of image you want.
5 Click the Search button (
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