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Insert an Online Picture
Office Graphics Tools
The results of your search appear.
A You can click here ( and ) to
navigate through the search results.
B You can click here to return to the
Insert Picture window and search for
a different image.
6 Click the picture you want to add to
your document.
7 Click Insert .
C The picture appears in your
document, selected and
surrounded by handles ( ).
D Drag to rotate the picture.
E You can click Wrap Text or
to control text flow around the
F Picture Tools appear on the
Ribbon; you can use these tools
to format the picture.
When you finish working with
your online picture, click
anywhere else in the work area.
Why must I make sure that the image I
choose falls into the public domain?
Images that are privately owned are often
available for use only if you agree to pay a fee
and/or give credit to the owner of the image.
To use a public domain image, you do not need
to pay a royalty and you do not need permission
from an image owner to use the image.
What happens when I search for images using Bing?
Like the results of a search of, the search
results appear in a window. A message states that
search results are licensed under Creative Commons and
that you need to review the specific license for any
image you want to use to ensure that you can comply
with the license. Bing searches do not exclude pictures
outside the public domain.
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