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Resize and Move Graphic Objects
Resize and Move Graphic Objects
Pictures and other types of images are also called graphic objects . If a graphic object is not
positioned where you want it or if it is too large or too small, you can move or resize it. When
you select a graphic object, handles appear on each side of the graphic object; you can use these
handles to resize it. Alignment guides — green lines — appear as you move a graphic object to
help you determine where to place it. Once you have picked the spot for the graphic, the alignment
guides disappear.
Resize and Move Graphic Objects
Move a Graphic
1 Click a graphic object.
A Handles (
) surround the
Note: In Publisher,
surround the graphic.
2 Position the mouse pointer over
a graphic object or the edge of a
text box (
, , or
3 Drag the graphic object to a
new location.
B In Word, green alignment
guides help you position the
graphic object.
4 Release the mouse button.
The graphic object appears in
the new location and, in Word,
the alignment guides disappear.
5 Click outside the graphic object
to cancel its selection.
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