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Resize and Move Graphic Objects
Office Graphics Tools
Resize a Graphic
1 Click a graphic object.
C Handles (
) surround the
Note: In Publisher,
surround the graphic.
2 Position the mouse pointer
over one of the handles
, , or
, ,
, or
3 Drag the handle inward or
outward until the graphic
object is the appropriate size
, ,
, or
to ).
4 Release the mouse button.
The graphic object appears in
the new size.
5 Click outside the graphic
object to cancel its selection.
Can I control how text wraps around
an object?
Yes, if you insert the object into a
Word or Publisher file. Click the
object, click the Wrap Text button on
the Format tab, and choose a wrap
style. In Word, you also can click
Does it matter which handle I use to resize a graphic?
Yes. If you click and drag any of the corner handles, you maintain
the proportion of the graphic as you resize it. The handles on the
sides, top, or bottom of the graphic only resize the width or the
height of the graphic, so using one of them can make your
graphic look distorted, especially if you resize a picture, video,
or screenshot using any handle except a corner handle.
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