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Understanding Graphic Object Modification Techniques
Understanding Graphic Object Modification
In addition to inserting, moving, and resizing pictures as described in this chapter, you can
insert and modify other types of graphic objects — shapes, screenshots, SmartArt, WordArt, and
charts — in all Office programs except Access. The available graphic objects vary from program to
program; the specific types of available graphic objects appear on the Insert tab of the program.
You insert these objects using basically the same techniques you use to insert pictures.
You can modify an object’s appearance using a variety of Ribbon buttons that appear on a Tools tab
specific to the type of graphic object you select.
Crop a Picture
You can use the Crop tool to create a better fit, to omit a portion of the image, or to focus the
viewer on an important area of the image. You can crop a picture, screenshot, or clip art image.
When you crop an object, you remove vertical and/or horizontal edges from the object. The
Crop tool is located on the Format tab on the Ribbon, which appears when you click the object
you want to crop.
Rotate or Flip a Graphic
After you insert an object such as a piece of clip art or a photo from your hard drive
into a Word document, you may find that the object appears upside down or inverted.
Fortunately, Word makes it easy to flip or rotate an object. For example, you might flip a
clip art image to face another direction, or rotate an arrow object to point elsewhere on
the page. Or, for dramatic effect, you can rotate or flip pictures, clip art images, and
some shapes. Keep in mind that you cannot rotate text boxes.
Correct Images
You can change the brightness and contrast of a picture, clip art, or a screenshot to
improve its appearance, and you can sharpen or soften an image. Suppose, for example,
the image object you have inserted in your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file is slightly
blurry, or lacks contrast. You find the image-correction tools on the Picture Tools Format
tab on the Ribbon, which appears when you click to select the object to which you want
to apply the effect.
Make Color Adjustments
You can adjust the color of a picture, screenshot, or clip art image by increasing or
decreasing color saturation or color tone. You can also recolor a picture, screenshot, or
clip art image to create an interesting effect.
Color saturation controls the amount of red and green in a photo, while color tone
controls the amount of blue and yellow.
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