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Chapter 4: Working with Office Files Online
Office and the Cloud
Office 2013 offers a completely new experience when it comes to working in a mobile environment.
Today, people are on the go but often want to take work with them to do while sitting in the
waiting room of their doctor’s office, at the airport, or in a hotel room. Office 2013 was designed to
help you work from anywhere using almost any device available because, among other reasons, it works
with SharePoint and SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud space. From SkyDrive, you can log into cloud space and,
using Office Web Apps — essentially, tools with which you are already familiar — get to work.
Sign In to Office Online
Office Online connects your Office programs to the world beyond your
computer. When you sign in on any device and launch an Office program, the
program Start screen and the program window show that you are signed in.
Signing in gives you access to online pictures and clip art stored at
and enables Office to synchronize files between your computer, SkyDrive, and
SkyDrive and Office 2013
The SkyDrive app is a cloud storage service from
Microsoft that comes with Office 2013; 7GB are free,
and you can rent additional space. Office 2013 saves
all documents by default to your SkyDrive so that
your documents are always available to you.
Using Office Web Apps
You can open and edit Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint documents from your
SkyDrive using Office Web Apps, which are scaled-down editions of Office programs
that you can use to easily review documents and make minor changes.
Take Your Personal Settings with You Everywhere
Office 2013 keeps track of personal settings like your recently used files and favorite
templates and makes them available from any computer. Word and PowerPoint also
remember the paragraph and slide you were viewing when you close a document, and
they display that location when you open the document on another machine, making it
easy for you to get back to work when you move from one work location to another.
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