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Chapter 4: Working with Office Files Online
Working with Office Files Online
Your Documents Are Always Up to Date
Office 2013 saves your Office documents by default in the SkyDrive folder that installs along
with Office. As you work, Office synchronizes files with changes to your SkyDrive in the
background. And, the technology does not slow down your work environment, because
Office only uploads changes, not entire documents, saving bandwidth and battery life as
you work from wireless devices.
Share Your Documents from Anywhere
You can share your documents both from within an Office program and from your
SkyDrive. And, from either location, you can e-mail a document to recipients you
choose, post a document at a social media site, or create a link to a document that
you can provide to users so that they can view the document in a browser. You can
also use Microsoft’s free online presentation service to present Word and PowerPoint
documents online.
Take Advantage of the Office Store
The Office Store contains add-in applications that work with Office programs. For example,
the dictionary you use to look up words in Microsoft Word or Excel 2013 does not
automatically install when you install the program. But, when you need an add-on for Word
or Excel, you can download it from the Office Store. Click the Office Store button to open
your browser to the Office Store web page.
Office 2013 on Demand
Office 2013 comes in three “traditional” editions, where you buy the program; you can install any traditional
edition on one machine. Office 2013 also comes in two “subscription” editions; essentially, you pay an
annual rental fee to use the software on five PCs or Macs.
Subscription editions include the Office on Demand feature; subscribers can run temporary instances of
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Visio, and Project on computers where they normally would not
be able to install software. To keep the process fast, only parts of the application actually download as
needed, and it runs locally. When a program closes, it uninstalls itself.
Subscribers must be online and logged in to validate their right to use Office on Demand.
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