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Download Apps from the Office Store
Download Apps from the Office Store
You can use the Office Store to download add-on applications, or apps , for Word, Outlook, or Excel. For
example, the dictionary you use to look up words in Word 2013 does not automatically install when
you install the program. But, when you need an add-on, you can download it from the Office Store.
The Office Store also contains apps created by developers outside of Microsoft — apps that work with
Word and Excel. The developer can choose to charge for an app or make it available for free.
Download Apps from the Office Store
Install an App
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click Apps for Office .
The Insert App dialog box appears,
displaying the My Apps tab of
currently installed apps.
A You can click Featured Apps to
view apps you may find interesting.
If you browse through featured
apps and do not find what you
need, click More apps .
3 Click Office Store .
The Office Store web page appears.
4 Search for apps using the search
box at the top of the page or
simply scroll down to find and click
the app you want to add.
The web page describing the app
Note: This section adds the
MerriamWebster Dictionary app to Word (and
Excel) as an example.
B You can read the information about
the app.
C The price of the app appears here.
5 Click Add .
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