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Using a Web App in SkyDrive
Working with Office Files Online
Edit in a Web App
1 Perform Steps to in the 3
previous subsection, “Open
the Document.”
2 Click Edit Document .
3 Click Edit in Word Web App .
The document appears in the
Word Web App, where you
can perform basic edits.
A The Ribbon contains only a
few tabs.
How do I save my work in a Web App?
The answer depends on the Web App. Excel, PowerPoint, and
OneNote automatically save changes as you work. In the Word
Web App, you click the File tab and then click Save . Publisher
and Access do not have corresponding Web Apps; instead, the
appropriate Office program opens when you open one of these
file types from SkyDrive.
How do I close a document I opened
in the cloud?
Click the File tab and then click Exit .
Your browser reappears, showing the
SkyDrive contents of the folder
containing the document you opened.
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