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Using an Office Program from SkyDrive
Using an Office Program from SkyDrive
Using Office 2013, you can work from anywhere. For example, suppose you work on a document
from your SkyDrive and discover that you need tools not available in the Web App. If Office 2013
is installed on the computer, you can use SkyDrive tools to open the file in the appropriate Office
If Office 2013 is not installed on the computer and you have a subscription to Office 2013, SkyDrive
can open the Office program you need. In just a few seconds, SkyDrive installs it on the computer
you currently use. When you close the program, SkyDrive uninstalls it.
Using an Office Program from SkyDrive
1 Open a document and edit it
using a Web App.
Note: See the previous section,
“Using a Web App in SkyDrive,”
for details.
Note: This section uses an Excel
workbook as an example.
2 Click Open In Excel .
A security dialog box
3 Click Yes .
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