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Share a Document Using SkyDrive
Share a Document Using SkyDrive
You can use the SkyDrive app to share a document stored on your SkyDrive. Suppose that you
finish the work on a document from your SkyDrive and you are ready for others to review it. You
do not need to use the Office program installed on your local computer to invite others to review the
document; you can use commands available in SkyDrive.
SkyDrive offers three ways to share a document: you can send the document by e-mail, share it using
a social media service of your choice, or send a link to the document on your SkyDrive.
Share a Document Using SkyDrive
Open a Document to Share
1 In SkyDrive, open the
document you want to share.
2 Click Share .
The Share dialog box appears,
suggesting that you share by
Note: Follow the steps in one of the
following subsections to share the
Share via E-Mail
1 Fill in the e-mail address of the
person with whom you want to
share the document.
A You can include a personal
message here.
2 Click Share .
E-mail messages are sent to the
recipients you supplied,
providing a link that enables
them to view the document in a
Web App.
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