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Chapter 5: Adding Text
Change Word’s Views
You can control how you view your Word document in several ways. For example, you can use the
Zoom feature to control the magnification of your document with either the Zoom slider or the
Zoom buttons. You can even zoom an image separately from your document.
You can also choose from five different views: Print Layout, which displays margins, headers, and
footers; Outline, which shows the document’s outline levels; Web Layout, which displays a web page
preview of your document; Read Mode, which optimizes your document for easier reading; and Draft,
which omits certain elements such as headers and footers.
Change Word’s Views
Using the Zoom Tool
1 Drag the Zoom slider on the
Zoom bar.
A You can also click a
magnification button to
zoom in or out.
B Click here to display the
Zoom dialog box and
precisely control zooming.
C Word magnifies the
document, and the degree of
magnification appears here.
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