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Type and Edit Text
Type and Edit Text
You can use Word to quickly type and edit text for a letter, memo, or report. By default, Word is
set to Insert mode; when you start typing, any existing text moves over to accommodate the new
text. If you have set up Word to toggle between Insert mode and Overtype mode, you can press
to switch to Overtype mode. In Overtype mode, the new text overwrites the existing text.
Word makes typing easy; you do not need to worry about when to start a new line within a paragraph
and you can easily start new paragraphs and delete text.
Type and Edit Text
Type Text
1 Start typing your text.
A At the end of a line, Word
automatically starts a new
line, wrapping text to the
next line for you.
B The insertion point marks
your location in the
document and moves to the
right as you type. Text you
type appears to the left of
the insertion point.
2 Press
to start a new
C You can press twice to
add an extra space between
D You can press
to insert a line break and
start a new line when your
text does not fill the line.
You often use line breaks
when typing addresses.
E You can press to quickly
indent the first line of text in
a paragraph.
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