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Type and Edit Text
Adding Text
Edit Text
F If you make a spelling
mistake, Word either corrects
the mistake as you type or
underlines it in red.
1 Click to the right of a
mistake in a document.
2 Press to delete
characters to the left of the
insertion point.
3 Click to the left of a mistake
in a document.
4 Press to delete
characters to the right of the
insertion point.
Note: You can delete larger
quantities of text by selecting
the text and pressing
What is the difference between the Insert and Overtype modes?
By default, Word is set to Insert mode so that, when you click to place the insertion point and start typing,
any existing text moves to the right to accommodate new text. In Overtype mode, new text overwrites
existing text. To toggle between these modes, enable and then press it. To enable , click the
File tab, click Options , and click the Advanced tab in the window that appears. Under Editing Options,
select Use the Insert key to control Overtype mode (
changes to
) and then click OK.
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