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Insert Quick Parts
Insert Quick Parts
Suppose you repeatedly type the same text in your documents — for example, your company name.
You can add this text to the Quick Part Gallery in Word; then, the next time you need to add the
text to a document, you can select it from the gallery instead of retyping it.
In addition to creating your own Quick Parts for use in your documents, you can use any of the wide
variety of preset phrases included with Word. You access these preset Quick Parts from the Building
Blocks Organizer window. (See the tip at the end of this section for more information.)
Insert Quick Parts
Create a Quick Parts Entry
1 Type the text that you want
to store, including all
formatting that should
appear each time you insert
the entry.
2 Select the text you typed.
3 Click the Insert tab.
4 Click the Quick Parts
button ( ).
5 Click Save Selection to
Quick Part Gallery .
The Create New Building
Block dialog box appears.
6 Type a name that you want
to use as a shortcut for the
A You can also assign a gallery,
a category, and a description
for the entry.
7 Click OK.
Word stores the entry in the
Quick Part Gallery.
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