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Insert Quick Parts
Adding Text
Insert a Quick Part Entry
1 Click in the text where you
want to insert a Quick Part.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click the Quick Parts
button ( ).
All building blocks you
define as Quick Parts appear
in the Quick Part Gallery.
4 Click the entry that you want
to insert.
B Word inserts the entry into
the document.
How do I insert a preset Quick Part?
Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, click the Quick
Parts button ( ), and click Building Blocks
Organizer to open the Building Blocks Organizer.
Locate the Quick Part you want to insert (they are
organized into galleries and categories), click it,
and click Insert .
How do I remove a Quick Parts entry?
To remove a Quick Parts entry from the Building
Blocks Organizer, open the Organizer (see the
preceding tip for help), locate and select the entry
you want to remove, click Delete , and click Yes in
the dialog box that appears.
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