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Insert Symbols
Insert Symbols
From time to time, you might need to insert a mathematical symbol or special character into
your Word document. From the Symbol Gallery, you can insert many common symbols, including
mathematical and Greek symbols, architectural symbols, and more.
If you do not find the symbol you need in the Symbol Gallery, you can use the Symbol dialog box.
The Symbol dialog box displays a list of recently used symbols as well as hundreds of symbols in a
variety of fonts. You can also use the Symbol dialog box to insert special characters.
Insert Symbols
1 Click the location in the
document where you want
the symbol to appear.
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 Click Symbol .
A A gallery of commonly used
symbols appears. If the
symbol you need appears
in the gallery, you can
click it and skip the rest of
these steps.
4 Click More Symbols .
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