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Chapter 6: Formatting Text
Formatting Text
Change the Size
1 Select the text that you want to
C If you drag to select, the Mini
toolbar appears faded in the
background, and you can use it by
moving toward the Mini toolbar.
2 To use the Ribbon, click the
Home tab.
3 Click the Font Size .
Note: Word displays a sample of the
selected text in any font size at which
you point the mouse.
4 Click a size.
D Word changes the size of the
selected text.
This example applies a 24-point
font size to the text.
Note: You also can change the font
size using the Grow Font and Shrink
Font buttons ( and ) on the Home
tab. Word increases or decreases the
font size with each click of the button.
You can click anywhere outside the
selection to continue working.
How do I apply formatting to my text?
To apply formatting to your text, select the
text you want to format, click the Home tab,
and click the Bold (
What is the toolbar that appears when I select text?
When you select text, the Mini toolbar appears, giving you
quick access to common formatting commands. You can also
right-click selected text to display the toolbar. To use any of
the tools on the toolbar, simply click the desired tool;
otherwise, continue working, and the toolbar disappears.
), Italic (
Underline (
), Strikethrough (
Subscript (
), or Superscript (
) button.
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