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Chapter 6: Formatting Text
Change the Font, Size, and Color (continued)
Changing the text color can go a long way toward emphasizing it on the page. For example, if
you are creating an invitation, you might make the description of the event a different color to
stand out from the other details. Likewise, if you are creating a report for work, you might make the
title of the report a different color from the information contained in the report, or even color-code
certain data in the report. Obviously, when selecting text colors, you should avoid choosing colors
that make your text difficult to read.
Change the Font, Size, and Color (continued)
Change the Color
1 Select the text that you want
to format.
A If you drag to select, the
Mini toolbar appears faded in
the background, and you can
use it by moving
the Mini toolbar.
2 To use the Ribbon, click the
Home tab.
3 Click next to the Font
Color button ( ) and
point the mouse at a color.
B Word displays a sample of
the selected text.
4 Click a color.
Word assigns the color to
the text.
This example applies a blue
color to the text.
You can click anywhere
outside the selection to
continue working.
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