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Align Text
Align Text
You can use Word’s alignment commands to change how text and objects are positioned horizontally
on a page. By default, Word left-aligns text and objects. You can also choose to center text and
objects on a page (using the Center command), align text and objects to the right side of the page
(using the Right Align command), or justify text and objects so that they line up at both the left and
right margins of the page (using the Justify command). You can change the alignment of all the text
and objects in your document or change the alignment of individual paragraphs and objects.
Align Text
1 Click anywhere in the paragraph
that you want to align or select the
paragraphs and objects that you
want to align.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click an alignment button.
The Align Left button ( ) aligns
text with the left margin, the
Center button ( ), centers text
between the left and right margins,
the Align Right button ( ) aligns
text with the right margin, and the
Justify button ( ) aligns text
between the left and right margins.
Word aligns the text.
A This text is aligned with the left
B This text is centered between both
C This text is aligned with the right
D This text is justified between both
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