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Set Line Spacing
Set Line Spacing
You can adjust the amount of spacing that appears between lines of text in your paragraphs. You
might set 2.5 spacing to allow for handwritten edits in your printed document, or 1.5 spacing to
make paragraphs easier to read. By default, Word assigns 1.08 spacing for all new documents.
You can also control how much space appears before and after each paragraph in your document.
For example, you might opt to single-space the text within a paragraph, but to add space before and
after the paragraph to set it apart from the paragraphs that precede and follow it.
Set Line Spacing
1 Click anywhere in the paragraph
that you want to format.
Note: To format multiple
paragraphs, select them.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Line Spacing button
( ).
4 Click a line spacing option.
A Word applies the new spacing.
This example applies 2.0 line
5 To control the spacing that
surrounds a paragraph, click the
dialog box launcher (
) in the
Paragraph group.
The Paragraph dialog box opens.
6 Use the Before spin arrow (
to specify how much space
should appear before the
7 Use the After to specify how
much space should appear after
the paragraph.
8 Click OK to apply the spacing
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