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Indent Text
Indent Text
You can use indents as a way to control the horizontal positioning of text in a document. Indents
are simply margins that affect individual lines or paragraphs. You might use an indent to
distinguish a particular paragraph on a page — for example, a long quote.
You can indent paragraphs in your document from the left and right margins. You also can indent
only the first line of a paragraph or all lines except the first line of the paragraph. You can set
indents using buttons on the Ribbon, the Paragraph dialog box, and the Word ruler.
Indent Text
Set Quick Indents
1 Click anywhere in the
paragraph you want to
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click an indent button.
A You can click the Decrease
Indent button ( ) to
decrease the indentation.
B You can click the Increase
Indent button ( ) to
increase the indentation.
C Word applies the indent
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