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Indent Text
Formatting Text
Set Precise Indents
1 Click anywhere in the paragraph
you want to indent or select
the text you want to indent.
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the dialog box launcher
) in the Paragraph group.
The Paragraph dialog box appears.
4 Type a specific indentation in the
Left or Right indent text boxes.
D You can also click a spin arrow
( ) to set an indent measurement.
E To set a specific kind of indent,
you can click the Special
then click an indent.
F The Preview area shows a sample
of the indent.
5 Click OK.
Word applies the indent to the text.
How do I set indents using the Word ruler?
The ruler contains markers for changing the left indent, right indent, first-line indent, and hanging indent.
Click the View tab and select Ruler (
changes to
) to display the ruler. On the left side of the ruler,
drag the Left Indent button (
) to indent all lines from the left margin, drag the Hanging Indent button
) to create a hanging indent, or drag the First Line Indent button (
) to indent the first line only. On
the right side of the ruler, drag the Right Indent button (
) to indent all lines from the right margin.
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