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Set Tabs
Set Tabs
You can use tabs to create vertically aligned columns of text in your Word document. To insert a tab,
simply press
on your keyboard; the insertion point moves to the next tab stop on the page.
By default, Word creates tab stops every 0.5 inches across the page and left-aligns the text on each
tab stop. You can set your own tab stops using the ruler or the Tabs dialog box. You can also use the
Tabs dialog box to change the tab alignment and specify an exact measurement between tab stops.
Set Tabs
Set Quick Tabs
1 Click the View tab.
2 Select Ruler (
changes to
to display the ruler.
3 Click here until the type of tab
marker that you want to set
sets a left-aligned tab.
sets a center-aligned tab.
sets a right-aligned tab.
sets a decimal tab.
sets a bar tab (displays a
vertical bar at the tab location).
4 Select the lines to which you
want to add the tab.
5 Click the ruler at the tab location
you want.
On each selected line, Word adds
a tab at the location you clicked.
6 Click at the end of the text after
which you want to add a tab.
7 Press .
8 Type the text that should appear
in the next column.
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