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Set Tabs
Formatting Text
Set Precise Tabs
1 Select the lines to which you want
to add the tab.
2 Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
3 Click the dialog box launcher (
in the Paragraph group.
The Paragraph dialog box appears.
4 Click Tabs on the Indents and
Spacing tab.
The Tabs dialog box appears.
5 Click here and type a new tab
stop measurement.
6 Select a tab alignment
( changes to ).
A You can also select a tab leader
character (
changes to
7 Click Set .
Word saves the new tab stop.
8 Click OK.
B Word closes the dialog box, and
you can use the new tab stops.
Can I remove tab stops that I no longer need?
Yes. To remove a tab stop from the ruler, drag the
tab stop off of the ruler. To remove a tab stop in the
Tabs dialog box, select it, and then click Clear . To
clear every tab stop that you saved in the Tabs
dialog box, click Clear All .
What are leader tabs?
You can use leader tabs to separate tab columns
with dots, dashes, or lines. Leader tabs help readers
follow the information across tab columns. You can
set leader tabs using the Tabs dialog box, as shown
in this section.
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