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Understanding Layouts and Placeholders
Understanding Layouts and Placeholders
Many presentation slides combine a slide title, graphic elements, and slide text in the form of
a bulleted list or table. Your selection of slide layout determines where the title, graphics,
and text appear. Slide titles, bullet lists, and other text usually exist in placeholders. Content
placeholders can also contain graphic elements, tables, charts, pictures, and SmartArt. The layout
of a slide is established by the placement of placeholders on the slide. PowerPoint offers several
standard slide layouts. You can use one of these layouts to quickly and easily create a presentation.
Slide Layout Gallery
Clicking the bottom part of the New Slide button
opens the Slide Layout gallery. You will find a New
Slide button on both the Home and Insert tabs. You
can use the gallery to
insert a slide with a
particular layout. With
some exceptions, if you
click the top part of the
New Slide button,
PowerPoint inserts a slide
with the same layout as
the selected slide.
Each slide layout has an arrangement of
placeholders. Text placeholders accept only text.
Content placeholders accept either text or a graphic
element. A content placeholder contains icons that
help you insert
graphics. You
can move
placeholders to
design slides
that suit your
particular needs.
Types of Slide Layouts
The Slide Layout gallery enables you to choose a
layout for a slide. Some layouts hold only text, such
as the Title Slide, Section Header, and Title Only
layouts. Other layouts include a title, plus content
placeholders. Layouts that feature placeholders
include Title and Content, Two Content,
Comparison, and Content with Caption.
Slide Layouts Remain Flexible
You can adjust a layout to meet your particular
needs. There are handles on the border of the
placeholder — dragging any handle resizes the
placeholder. To move a placeholder, click its border
and then drag it to another location. If a
placeholder does not contain any content, it is not
visible when you print or show your presentation.
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