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Using Layouts with a Content Placeholder
Using Layouts with a Content Placeholder
Content placeholders appear on most of the slide layouts that you will use. You can use content
placeholders to build your presentation effectively and efficiently. Content placeholders are
convenient containers that allow you to place text or graphics on a slide. They are easy to move and
simple to change. Placeholders enable you to insert text, or one of six types of graphical objects
onto the slide. You can use text to convey ideas, and graphics to make your presentation more
aesthetically dynamic and visually appealing.
A Bulleted List
Click the bullet to add
text or type a list of
items. Press
at the
end of each item.
B Tables
Click the Insert Table
icon ( ) to create a
table. You can specify
the number of columns
and rows in the table.
C Charts
Click the Insert Chart
icon ( ) to generate a
chart using a chart type
that you specify, and
data that you type into a
D SmartArt
Click the Insert a SmartArt Graphic icon ( ) to
insert a diagram using one of the many diagram
styles provided by PowerPoint.
E Pictures
Click the Insert Picture icon ( ) to insert a picture
file such as a bitmap or JPEG that you have stored
on your computer or other storage media.
F Online Pictures
Click the Insert Online Picture icon ( ) to select
an image from the built-in clip art collection, or
import clip art from Microsoft Office Online.
G Videos
Click the Insert Video icon ( ) to insert a video
file that plays during the slide show. You can specify
that it plays on command or automatically.
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