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Insert a Table
Insert a Table
You can use a table to arrange information in rows and columns for easy data comparison.
For example, you might list age groups in the far-left column of a table, and then compare
population demographics between males and females in two other columns. Tables are useful for
showing important data to your audience. For example, you might use a table to show the data for a
chart. You can use a content placeholder to insert a table, and then type data into the table cells.
Insert a Table
Insert a Table
1 Select a slide with a content
2 Click the Insert Table icon ( ).
The Insert Table dialog box appears.
3 Click and type the number of
columns you want in your table.
4 Click and type the number of rows
you want in your table.
Note: Alternatively, you can click the
spinner ( ) to select the number of
columns and rows.
5 Click OK.
The table appears on the slide.
Note: By default, most of the table
styles assume that you will enter column
headings in the top row of the table.
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