Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Insert a Table
Working with Layouts
Type Text in a Table
1 Click in the first cell and type
a column heading.
This example types Age Group.
2 Press .
A The insertion point moves to
the next cell.
Note: You can also click in a cell
to type data into it.
3 Continue adding column
headings and cell entries by
repeating Steps and .
4 Click outside the table when
B To change table data, click in
the cell, edit your entry, and
then click outside the table
when finished.
Can I add and delete rows or columns to tables?
Yes. You can insert and delete rows or columns by following these steps:
1 Click a row or column.
2 Click the Table Tools Layout tab.
3 To insert, click an
Insert option.
4 To delete, click
Delete .
5 Select an option
from the menu.
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