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Format a Table
Format a Table
When you insert a table, PowerPoint automatically applies a style to the table based on the
theme of the slide. You can add visual impact to your presentation by changing the format of
your table. You can add and delete rows and columns, format the text and background, and change
the style of the table. There are a variety of ways to select cells, rows, and columns in a table, so
experiment with clicking and dragging them!
Format a Table
1 Select a slide with a table.
Note: To learn how to select a slide,
see Chapter 2.
2 Click the table.
3 Click the Table Tools Design tab.
4 Click the Table Styles down arrow
( ).
5 Click a style from the gallery.
A You can click Clear Table to
remove any previously applied
PowerPoint applies the style to
the table.
6 Click a row to select it.
You can also click and drag
across cells or text.
This example selects the
header row.
7 Click the Quick Styles down
arrow ( ).
8 Select a style from the gallery.
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