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Insert a Chart
Insert a Chart
Charts present information visually and make a presentation aesthetically pleasing. They give an
instant impression of trends, or they compare sets of data, such as sales growth over a
severalyear span. Charts tell a story with a brief viewing and can convey statistical information quickly. You
can add these visual-analysis tools to your presentation to convey summarized information quickly
to your audience. PowerPoint allows you to choose the chart type and then type chart data into a
Insert a Chart
Create a Chart
1 Select a slide with a content
Note: To learn how to select a slide,
see Chapter 2.
2 Click the Insert Chart icon (
The Insert Chart dialog box
3 Click a chart type category.
4 Click a specific chart type.
5 Click OK.
The chart appears, along with
sample data in a separate
spreadsheet window.
Note: Entering data is similar
to entering data into an Excel
6 Click in the grid to activate the
7 Delete any unneeded information
in rows or columns.
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