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Format a Chart
Format a Chart
When you insert a chart, PowerPoint automatically applies a style to the chart based on the
theme of the slide. Charts present information visually, so choice of color is important. You
can change the formatting of charts to convey a particular mood or to make specific data stand out.
To format any object on a chart, you click it and then use the formatting tools on the Chart Tools
Design and Home tabs to change it to your liking. Try to keep the chart relatively simple, though —
the less complicated and cluttered it is, the easier it is for the audience to understand.
Format a Chart
1 Click anywhere on a chart.
2 Click the Chart Tools
Design tab.
3 Click the Chart Styles
down arrow ( ).
4 Click a chart style from
the gallery.
The chart reflects the change
in chart style.
5 Click the Plus icon ( ).
The Chart Elements box
opens. You can add or
remove chart elements using
this box.
6 Click the Data Labels down
arrow ( ).
7 Click an item from the
selection (
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