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Format a Chart
Working with Layouts
The data labels appear.
8 Click the plot area.
9 Click the Chart Tools Format tab.
0 Click Shape Fill .
A You can alternatively make a selection
from the Shape Styles gallery.
B You can choose from specialized fill
options such as a picture, or
different gradients and textures.
! Click a color from the gallery.
The plot area changes color.
@ Click a data series.
Note: To format a data series (series of
bars), click a bar in that series. To format
a single bar in the series, click it twice
(not a double-click). The same applies to
the data labels.
# Click the Shape Effects .
$ Click Glow .
% Click an item from the gallery.
C You can change the border color by
clicking Shape Outline .
PowerPoint applies the formatting to
the bars.
Can I format the numbers on the axis?
Yes. You can format text in a chart just like other text in PowerPoint
by using the Home tab.
1 Click a chart axis.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Font Size down arrow ( ).
4 Click a font size from the drop-down list.
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