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Edit Chart Data
Edit Chart Data
It is not unusual for chart data to change over time. You can update your chart with the most
recent information by opening the data spreadsheet and changing the data. You need not show
all of the spreadsheet data in the chart. If you decide not to display all of the data, you can remove
data elements such as data series or categories from the chart without deleting that information
from the spreadsheet. You can later bring removed data back by reversing the process. Alternatively,
you can delete the data from the spreadsheet.
Edit Chart Data
1 Click anywhere on a chart.
2 Click the Filter icon (
The Chart Filters box opens.
You can add ( ) or remove
( ) the data elements with
this box.
3 Click a series (
to ).
This example hides the
Manager series.
4 Click a category (
to ).
This example hides the
Satisfaction – Performance
5 Click Apply .
PowerPoint removes the data
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