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Insert Video
Working with Layouts
The Insert Video dialog box
4 Click the folder that contains the
video file you want to insert.
5 Click a video file.
6 Click Insert .
PowerPoint inserts the selected
video into the placeholder.
7 Click the video.
8 Click the Video Tools Playback tab.
9 Click Play (
changes to
The video begins to play.
C You can click the Forward (
and Back (
) buttons to browse
the video.
D You can use the Volume button
) to adjust the sound.
There is a Hide While Not Playing check mark on the Video Tools Playback tab. What does this option do?
Presenters often do not want a video to be visible when it is not playing. A slide appears uncluttered if the
video is hidden, and it can provide a dramatic effect by fading in when it starts playing. If you click to the
Hide While Not Playing option ( changes to ), the video will not be visible during the slide show if it
is not playing. There is a disadvantage, though: To use this feature, you must set the video to play
automatically, so you lose some control over when the video plays.
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