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Insert a SmartArt Graphic
Insert a SmartArt Graphic
S martArt graphics are diagrams that illustrate a process, workflow, or structure. You can use
SmartArt graphics or SmartArt diagrams to quickly present concepts in a visually interesting way.
For example, a diagram can show the workflow of a procedure or the hierarchy in an organization.
Some SmartArt layouts are text only, while others involve text and pictures. You might use a
SmartArt picture layout to show the four seasons, and a SmartArt text graphic to describe the steps
for starting a race. PowerPoint offers many SmartArt layouts to help you communicate with your
audience graphically.
Insert a SmartArt Graphic
1 Select a slide with a content
2 Click the Insert a SmartArt
Graphic icon (
The Choose a SmartArt
Graphic dialog box appears.
3 Click a diagram category.
A You can drag the scroll bar
to see all of the layouts.
4 Click a specific diagram
5 Click OK.
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