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Insert a SmartArt Graphic
Working with Layouts
The dialog box closes and the
SmartArt graphic diagram
appears on the slide.
6 Click the left arrow (
to open the Text pane
( changes to ).
7 Click [Text] next to a bullet.
[Text] disappears and the
insertion point takes its
place next to the bullet.
Note: You can also edit text
directly in the graphical element.
8 Type the text for the
9 Repeat Steps and to type 8
text into other graphical
0 Press to add a
graphical element.
! Click outside the SmartArt
graphic when you are
Can I add more elements in the SmartArt graphics
diagram if I am not using the Text pane?
Yes. Click an element next to where you want the
additional element. Click the Smart Tools Design
tab. Click the Add Shape down arrow ( ). The list
gives you options about where to place the new
element. Click a selection from the list.
How do I add a picture to a SmartArt graphic?
It is just like inserting a picture, as described in this
chapter. Make sure the graphic is a picture-specific
SmartArt graphic. Click the Insert Picture icon in
the center of the graphic and follow the same steps
as for inserting a picture.
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