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Edit SmartArt
Edit SmartArt
After you create a SmartArt graphic, you can change its look and contents at any time. For
example, you can change a SmartArt graphic to a different layout, edit the text, change its color,
give it a 3-D effect, or even mix different shapes. You can also format text by changing the font
color or style, or by making the font bold or italic. This versatility allows you to create the perfect
diagram that sends a specific message to your audience.
Edit SmartArt
1 Click anywhere in the
SmartArt graphic to select it.
2 Click the SmartArt Tools
Design tab.
3 Click the Expand button (
to open the Text pane
( changes to ).
4 Click any text in the Text
pane or on any element to
edit the text.
5 Click the Collapse button
( ) to close the Text pane
( changes to ).
6 Click the SmartArt Styles
down arrow ( ).
The SmartArt Styles gallery
7 Click a style from the gallery.
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