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Insert a Slide from Another File
Insert a Slide from Another File
You can insert a slide from one presentation file into another. This can be a great timesaver when
you have created a slide with a highly detailed chart, table, or diagram in another presentation.
You may want to use a favorite slide in several presentations. For example, a slide showing sales
growth may go into a presentation for the sales team, a different one for management, and yet
another presentation for potential customers. Importing the slide from the other presentation saves
you the trouble of reentering data and reformatting the object on the slide.
Insert a Slide from Another File
1 Select the slide after which
you want to insert the
new slide.
Note: You can also perform this
task in Slide Sorter view. See
Chapter 2 to learn how to switch
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the New Slide down
arrow ( ).
The Layout gallery appears.
4 Click Reuse Slides .
The Reuse Slides task pane
5 Click Open a PowerPoint File .
The Browse dialog box opens.
6 Click the folder that contains
the presentation file you want
to view.
7 Click the presentation file that
contains the slide you want to
8 Click Open .
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