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Make a Duplicate Slide
Make a Duplicate Slide
If you need to make two slides that are very similar, you can design the first one, duplicate it
using the Duplicate Slide feature, and then make minor changes to the new slide. For example, if
a slide at the beginning of a presentation lists key topics, you can duplicate it, make minor changes,
and use it as a summary. You may want to make a duplicate slide in one presentation, modify it
while looking at both slides, and then move it. Duplicating a slide can save time and ensure accuracy
of the information on the slide.
Make a Duplicate Slide
1 Select the slide(s) you want
to duplicate in Slide Sorter
Note: To select multiple slides,
click the first slide, and then
press while clicking
additional slides.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the New Slide down
arrow ( ).
4 Click Duplicate Selected
Slides .
A PowerPoint duplicates the
selected slide(s).
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