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Hide a Slide
Hide a Slide
Hiding a slide prevents it from appearing during the slide show. By hiding slides, you can create
an abbreviated slide show from a presentation without deleting any slides. For example, you may
need to give an abbreviated slide show to executives, but a more detailed presentation of the same
slide show to managers. You can hide slides, give the presentation, and then unhide them. Hiding
slides saves you time by allowing you to prepare only one slide show for two audiences. Hiding slides
is also a good way to temporarily remove them to see how your presentation flows without them.
Hide a Slide
1 Select the slide(s) you want
to hide in Slide Sorter view.
Note: To select multiple slides,
click the first slide, and then
press while clicking
additional slides.
2 Click the Slide Show tab.
3 Click Hide Slide .
A A diagonal line appears
through the slide number,
indicating that the slide will
not appear during the slide
Note: To redisplay hidden
slide(s), repeat Steps to .
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