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Zoom In the View
Zoom In the View
In Slide Sorter view, you can view a slide in greater or less detail by changing the zoom level. If
you want to view many slides at once, you can select a smaller zoom percentage so that the slides
are smaller and more fit in the available space. That approach can help you find a slide more quickly.
You can also apply a larger zoom percentage so that you can see fewer slides but in more detail.
The appropriate zoom for any particular task can make the task more efficient, thus saving you a
lot of time.
Zoom In the View
1 In Slide Sorter view, click the
View tab.
2 Click Zoom .
The Zoom dialog box appears.
3 Double-click the Percent text
box and enter a number.
A You can also click a zoom
percentage option.
4 Click OK.
B You can also click and drag the
Zoom slider to zoom, or click
the Zoom In button (
) or
the Zoom Out button (
) at
each end of the slider.
PowerPoint displays the slides
at the specified zoom level.
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